Expo Brazil Scott with Brazilian Flag

Expo Brazil Miguel Beas on Stage

EXPO Brazil Singer on Stage

EXPO Brazil Singer

EXPO Milan Diamonds on Stage

EXPO Milan Dancers on Stage

Expo Milan Naara Booth

Macau Distributors on their way to Expo8

Expo8 Stage

Expo8 Benz Car

Expo8 Stage Dancers

Expo8 Stage with Mark Patterson

Expo8 Stage

Expo Bangkok Crowd

Expo Bangkok JKids Stage

Expo Bangkok BMW Car Key

Expo Bangkok Light Up Stage

Expo Bangkok Cheers on Stage

EXPO Brazil Scott Lewis on Stage

EXPO Brazil Fans Crowd

EXPO Macau Diamonds

Expo Brazil Jeunesse Fan

Expo Brazil JKids 1 Million Raised

Expo Brazil Crowd

Expo Brazil Singers on Stage

Expo Brazil Singer on Stage

Expo Bankok Randy Singing Wall

Expo Bangkok DJ

Expo Bangkok – Mark Patterson on Stage – Mask Launch

Expo Orlando Elevate

Expo Orlando Distributors on Stage

Expo Orlando jeunesse Kids Empower Team

Expo Orlando Scott with Singing Girl on Stage

Expo Orlando Celebrating

EXPO Bangkok Gala Night

EXPO Bangkok Stage

Expo Bangkok

Expo Macau

Expo Orlando

Expo Milan 2

Expo Brazil

Expo Milan

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